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Emma’s working career within the business Sector of Human Anatomy and Wellbeing began in 2004. In 2011 Emma founded and became the owner and director of Escott Ltd, named after her Grandma. A small privately run business with a big heart. Though-out this time Emma has had great success teaching in-person Yoga classes, opening, and managing her own Yoga Sports Injury Therapy Clinic. In 2020, in light of the global changes, Emma decided to re-birth her own business dynamics virtually. Creating a Virtual Yoga Studio within her home, offering an array on Yoga classes for Yogi lovers to enjoy, embrace, and explore within their homes. From my home to your home with love.

Emma is a believer in individual success, her qualifications, knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience make her unique and prestigious to her field of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Believing that when you invest time, care, money, and energy in yourself, this personal investment then creates and allows an exchange of helping and healing others. Through a business and through life in general. Emma’s accomplishments thus far can be found at the foot of this page.

There is a saying “Guru Bina- Jnana Nahi” (Without a teacher one cannot attain knowledge).

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