Hello I am Emma,

Yoga has been my passion for over 20 years both on and off the Yoga mat. It is all about that relationship with yourself. Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘unite’. I very first stepped and laid upon my yoga mat in 1999 and throughout the years it has and continues to be the root and the anchor for myself-preservation. It is my Guru guiding me through the highs and lows of life experiences, gathering knowledge and opening my heart to new understandings that blossom into seeds of wisdom.

I feel eternally blessed, and forever grateful towards all my teachings. Learning for me illuminates my heart, mind, and soul. Both enthusiasm and energy ignite. Allowing me to feel inspired, to grow and develop into the best version of myself. ‘SoHam’, Sanskrit wording meaning ‘I am that’.

I do heart Planet Yoga. Okay, I know our Solar System does not actually have a planet called ‘Yoga’, but if it did what would yours look like I wonder? I am here to share and guide you into the many offerings Yoga is renowned for, uniting inner and outer landscapes of Body Mind Breath. Cherishing this Ancient Art that continues to survive within a modern cosmopolitan life. There may be many reasons you choose to roll out your Yoga mat and begin creating your own Yoga Planet...

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Virtual hug
Love and High thoughts
Ever Evolving Emma

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