About Emma


About Emma

Hello, I am Emma, welcome to my website.

There is a saying “Guru Bina- Jnana Nahi”
(Without a teacher one cannot attain knowledge).

I do heart ‘Planet Yoga’. I know our Solar System does not actually have a planet called ‘Yoga’, but if it did what would yours look like I wonder? I am here to share and guide you into the many offerings Yoga is renowned for, uniting inner and outer landscapes of Body Mind Breath Soul Spirit. Cherishing this Ancient Art that continues to survive within a modern cosmopolitan life. There may be many reasons you choose to roll out your Yoga mat and begin creating your own Yoga Planet…

Why Yoga is for Me 

Every day I step onto my Yoga mat something old or new appears. My own chapters and verses.

Yoga is my Guru, my Shiva, my refuge. Yoga keeps my mind and body youthful, keeping me physically fit, strong, and flexible. Yoga helps me to stay calm, patient and to relax. Yoga reminds me that I am present and how to be optimistic, refining how I feel emotionally and think logically. Yoga offers me that space to check in with myself a time for self-care, self-love, and self-awareness.  Since 1999 Yoga has been my saviour, the root, and the anchor for my own self-preservation. Yoga connects me to who I am, the best version of myself. There is a beautiful Mantra and Meditation, ‘SoHam’, Sanskrit wording meaning ‘I am that’.

Inhale ‘So’ and Exhale ‘Ham’

repeat… repeat… repeat…
Love and Kindness