An oceanic wave reminds me of Yoga, Breath, and Life. There is power, energy, rhythm, flow, high, low, depth, tranquillity, continuity, and change.


E -Massage: Emma has a repertoire of having an excellent standard of palpation skills integrating her professionally trained Massage disciplines Thai-Sports Massage, her hands have been referred to as ‘magic hands’, ‘hands of gold’ and ‘ninja thumbs’. Using her many years of knowledge, understanding, and experience Emma packages together a holistic and complimentary massage treatment for body and mind. Each Thai-Sports Massage has a consultation at the beginning and end of therapy, a treatment plan put together carefully choosing the types of treatment techniques and methods suitable for each client. After the treatment Emma offers home care advice so clients can continue that path of recovery.       

Emma’s three Massage disciplines:

Clinical Soft Tissue Sports and Remedial Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Kinesio Taping

Online clients are only accepted by referrals.

Thai – Sports Integrated Massage Treatment £108.00. Duration – 2 hours (inclusive of consultancy time).

Initial consultancy approximately 20 minutes, follow ups approximately 10 minutes.

Why Massage?

…to read suggested reasons why people choose to have a massage.

Treatment Techniques

A touch of therapy through integrated massage techniques.

About The Soft Tissue Network

The body is one big sheet of fascia combined and connected by over 600 muscles a combination of superficial and deeper, working in pairs agonist and antagonist forming groups around the joints they move and supportMuscles attach themselves to a tendon the tendon attaches to a joint, ligaments attach bone to bone. The Soft Tissue Network of musclestendons and ligaments is wrapped together in fascia communicating and signalling through the body’s switchboard the nervous system the Soft Tissue Network responds according to the messages received. 

About The Energy (Prana) Body Network

It is suggested the body is made up of 76,000 Nadis (Energetic Pathways), Thai Yoga call these pathways ‘Zen Lines’ focusing on Ten of them that are mapped out from foot to head within the Energy Body Network (Prana Body Network). Each Zen Line has an opening that allows Energy (Prana, Chi, Lifeforce) to pass through this frame of Network sending well-being messages to the brain.  

About Types of Pain

Acute pain – Instant lasting up to 5 days.

Chronic pain – On going pain over an extended time perhaps caused by a condition, previous injury or a compensation pattern developed. 

People Who Have Massage

People from all walks of life can experience the benefits from having a massage.

“A holistic approach to Massage is essential to support the full wellbeing of optimal health. We are all one unit comprised of body and mind supported by the energy of our breath, by human nature or nurture if one part of our unit is knocked out of sync either acutely or chronically our whole unit is affected. A cause – effect to our functioning”

Love and Kindness