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Emma Escott, I am a leading Yoga Teacher and Sports Massage Therapist in Grays Essex and the Founder and Director of The Avenue Sports Clinic for Body and Mind. Trained classically in Yoga through The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and professionally trained through North London School Sports Massage (NLSSM) in Massage Therapy.

I started practising Yoga because of a car accident, the Yoga door lead me into becoming a Sports Massage Therapist. For 5 years I worked out of BodyWorks Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic gaining valuable knowledge and experience and my decision on owning my own clinic. I continue developing my skills and knowledge through regular training sessions and treatments with Susan Findlay Director and Leading Trainer of NLSSM. My inspiration. Along with further development courses.

Next for me July 2019 Kinesio Taping level K3/4

In Massage:

I connect to individuals listening to their needs, I love that I have that ability and skills to fix people when they are in pain. I explore Why? Through my hands-on therapy, and understanding of the patient. I am passionate on being part of their individual journey. Supporting them for as long as they need me to.

In Yoga:

I have an expansive knowledge in a variety of styles for all levels of ability brining my knowledge of the physical body to the yoga mat, allowing my students the ability to feel, connect and develop themselves. My classes are of an eclectic blend of body and mind experience.

General Hatha – This class gives the Practitioner the opportunity to explore and understand the variety of aspects Yoga offers, giving a full rounded experience of the 6 movements used to exercise the body: forward bending, backward bending, Side bending, twisting, balances and inverting. Awareness of breathing and controlling the breathing. Sampling mediation and indulging in relaxation. Lessons are themed and sequenced.

Yin Yoga – This class gives the Practitioner the opportunity to explore deeper aspects of the physical body, undoing the physical tensions that wrap around the body and loosening the mind of its attached thoughts. Postures are supported by the floor either seated or lying allowing the body to completely let go and gravity to be its friend. Postures are held for longer 3 to 5 minutes allowing space and stillness to be discovered.

Ashtanga Influenced Yoga – This class gives the Practitioner the opportunity to explore a more dynamic Yoga practice. Influenced by the Ashtanga style that strengthens and conditions muscles, joints and bones, stimulates endurance and stamina. A journey of the 6 movements of a General Hatha Practice with an increased energetic flow. Relaxation is appreciated at the end.

In Meditation:

Guided practices to influence the release of those recycling thoughts, creating space for new thoughts…new ideas…new creations and a deeper understanding of ourselves. Exercising our minds is equally as important as exercising our bodies. What we think we feel. The mind is controlled by our senses and our physical body is the vehicle we use to travel and experience them with. The intellect continually conversing in the past and in the future. Meditation gives you the ability to hold your mind and experience the stillness of now. When there is stillness there is space and a clarity evolves.

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