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Surya Namaskara

Virtual Good morning, Welcome the Sun (Surya) and Salute (Namaskara) to its Presence.
30 mins

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Props required: Yoga Mat, Yoga strap / belt, Yoga block, water. – Or you may choose to really indulge in props – you may also like to use: Bolsters, cushions, eye bag, Yoga chair, meditation stool,  stability ball, blankets…there is a wide variety available

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Wakeup and welcome your day with The Ancient Vedic Technique ‘Surya Namaskara’ (Sun Salutations). Breathing through these twelve Asanas (postures, movements), six on the right side Pingala Nadi, six on the left side Ida Nadi, will prepare you for the rest of your day stretching and strengthening you physically and mentally, as you give gratitude to the earth you walk on, and the sun that rises and welcomes you every day. “Short and sweet…in this balancing your body mind breath thirty-minute good morning treat”.