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Clinical Soft Tissue Sports and Remedial Massage

Inspired by the 2012 Olympics and my love for wanting to learn and understand more about body mechanics – this skill of touch is about ‘why’ through feeling, observing, questioning, and investigating the body’s muscular tissues and their connections with range of movement. Muscular pain on movement maybe in an arm but this may not be the cause, a compensation pattern with gait either intrinsic or extrinsic maybe what effected it. Pain is measured acute or chronic scaled 1-10.

Indian Head Massage

Inspired by a holiday to India and to enhance skills in Thai Yoga Massage – this skill of touch is about feeling energy channels, either flowing or blocked in the head and face. A philosophy in India is that ‘if the head feels good then the body does too’.

Thai Yoga Massage

Inspired by my love for Yoga and a holiday to Thailand – this skill of touch is about feeling energy channels the invisible ‘Ten Zen Lines’ that surf through our energetic body, either flowing or blocked from foot to head, whilst passively moving the body around in various Yoga stretches. Dancing in the art of lazy Yoga.  It is believed that in Chinese medicine if our energy, Prana, Chi is blocked that our body’s optimal health is affected.