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Laughter and Therapy

12 mins

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Props required: Yoga Mat, Yoga strap / belt, Yoga block, water. – Or you may choose to really indulge in props – you may also like to use: Bolsters, cushions, eye bag, Yoga chair, meditation stool,  stability ball, blankets…there is a wide variety available

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Physically, emotionally, and medically laughter is the best medicine you can give to yourself and others. It is contagious spreading wellbeing and joy. Giving a physical reaction, an internal jog for the body toning the core. Giving a chemical reaction releasing happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins creating a natural feel good remedy that warms the heart, lifts the mood, and brings people together. Make it or fake it, it is still an epidemic of giving “peace…love…joy”.