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Pregnancy Hatha Yoga

Suitable after 14 weeks – By Appointment Only
1 Hour

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Props required: Yoga Mat, Yoga strap / belt, Yoga block, water. – Or you may choose to really indulge in props – you may also like to use: Bolsters, cushions, eye bag, Yoga chair, meditation stool,  stability ball, blankets…there is a wide variety available

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Nurturing times for you and your un-born child. Embracing this time of your life where change takes place physically, emotionally, and mentally. Pregnancy Yoga will create a harmony between body, heart, and mind as you go through the transformations and prepare for the three trimesters. Yoga movements to open and strengthen, breathing exercises to calm and energise, meditation and relaxation to support and restore. A time for “bonding…caring…loving”.