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You and Your Dog Hatha Yoga

90 mins

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Props required: Yoga Mat, Yoga strap / belt, Yoga block, water. – Or you may choose to really indulge in props – you may also like to use: Bolsters, cushions, eye bag, Yoga chair, meditation stool,  stability ball, blankets…there is a wide variety available

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Dogs have an instinct that oozes therapy, trusted to guide, heal, and care for humankind, with their ability to give unconditional love. Sharing your Yoga mat with your best friend (a dog lover knows who their best friend is), is a fun, joyful, friendly, uplifting, heart-warming, and a spontaneous experience. They are natural Yogis, living in the present, not bothered about the past, or concerned about the future. My Boxers love it when I invite them onto my yoga mat to join me in my practice. Time, attention, and love is all they ever want. Not knowing what to expect, all I know is it will be a happy memory. A “pleasing…playful…partnership”.