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Yoga for Sport


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1 hour

Props required mat, blocks and strap (yoga equipment that you feel necessary to be comfortable and enjoy your practice)

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Bringing together my knowledge and experience of Yoga and Soft Tissue Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. Stretching is a big part of recovery in any sporting and exercise programme. Stretching muscles improves how the body performs, by giving more range within the targeted movement, this strengthens, protects the body from being injured when moved unexpectedly in sport. This Yoga class explores the physical anatomy used in lower body or upper body sports, for example running, cycling, swimming, golf, racket sports etc… By taking the body through various Yoga postures (Asanas) the body experiences a new potential in the ‘End Range of Movement’ (EROM) through an improved longevity discovering more space… more distance…more speed and that goal of better performance and enhancing recovery.