E- class and product information

E-Class & Product Information

An oceanic wave reminds me of Yoga, Breath, and Life. There is power, energy, rhythm, flow, high, low, depth, tranquillity, continuity, and change.

Your Body, Mind, Breath, Click

Virtual Hatha Yin Yoga Class

Explore deeper aspects of the physical body, being still with the physical body allowing time to undo tensions that wrap around the body, as the body unravels itself the mind loosens from its attached thoughts. “Where there is tension there is tightness, where there is softness there is space, where there is freedom there is flow”. Postures are supported by the floor and or yoga props bringing mother earth closer to you, allowing the body to completely let go and gravity to be your body’s friend. Postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes, or longer when connecting and opening to those deeper muscles, allowing space and stillness to be discovered for both body and mind. “Practice, patience, persistence…its value is your time”.

Virtual Hatha Yang Yoga Class

Explore and understand a general Yoga class, experiencing the variety of aspects Yoga offers, giving a full rounded experience of the 6 movements used to exercise and move the body, creating freedom with a Yang flow: forward bending, backward bending, Side bending, twisting, balances, and inverting. Awareness of breathing. controlling the breathing. Sampling Pranayama (breath/energy control), meditation and indulging in relaxation. “enjoy yourself…explore yourself…embrace yourself”. Classes are themed and sequenced creating a body and mind experience with a feeling of being, “lighter…longer…looser”.

Virtual Hatha 9.6.3. Breath Yoga Class

A Yogic cycle of movement, muscles, memory, mind, matter, breath. The path of Jnana, knowledge. Know…knowing…knower. As you explore a choreographed sequence of the six Asana movements guided by 9.6.3 breaths. Remember…remembering…remembered.
Your Body Mind Breath together in a practice of strength and stamina, energy and endurance.

Virtual You and Your Dog Hatha Yoga Class

Dogs have an instinct that oozes therapy, trusted to guide, heal, and care for humankind, with their ability to give unconditional love. Sharing your Yoga mat with your best friend (a dog lover knows who their best friend is), is a fun, joyful, friendly, uplifting, heart-warming, and a spontaneous experience. They are natural Yogis, living in the present, not bothered about the past, or concerned about the future. My Boxers love it when I invite them onto my yoga mat to join me in my practice. Time, attention, and love is all they ever want. Not knowing what to expect, all I know is it will be a happy memory. A “pleasing…playful…partnership”.

Virtual Pregnancy Hatha Yoga Class (suitable after 14 weeks)

Nurturing times for you and your un-born child. Embracing this time of your life where change takes place physically, emotionally, and mentally. Pregnancy Yoga will create a harmony between body, heart, and mind as you go through the transformations and prepare for the three trimesters. Yoga movements to open and strengthen, breathing exercises to calm and energise, meditation and relaxation to support and restore. A time for “bonding…caring…loving”.

Specialised Virtual Hatha Yoga, Yoga’s Choice, A Path Towards Posture (Asana) Experience

Explore ‘A Path Towards Posture (Asana)’. Hand picking an Asana and suggesting a path towards it or meeting that posture. There is a beginning, there is a middle, there is you evolving, “creativity…contentment…clarity”. The path is its uniqueness, an understanding and exploring the posture and its possible stages. The limitations, obstacles, achievements, and benefits. Yoga’s choice, “guiding…gathering…giving”.

Specialised Virtual Masters Hatha Yoga 30.30.30 Class

Experience balance, equality of physical space, breathing space and mental space. Divided into 30 minutes Asana to stretch and strengthen, 30 minutes Pranayama to expand and lengthen, 30 minutes Meditation to cleanse for clarification. An equilibrium of “lightness and brightness”.

Virtual Laughter and Therapy Class

Physically, emotionally, and medically laughter is the best medicine you can give to yourself and others. It is contagious spreading wellbeing and joy. Giving a physical reaction, an internal jog for the body toning the core. Giving a chemical reaction releasing happy hormones serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins creating a natural feel good remedy that warms the heart, lifts the mood, and brings people together. Make it or fake it, it is still an epidemic of giving “peace…love…joy”.

Virtual Yoga Workshops

More time to explore, more time to experience, more time for you. Based on a chosen theme, subject, and style.  “Discover…undo…reveal”.

Virtual Pranayama (Breath and Energy Control) Class

Explore and experience Mudras and Movement, Bandhas and Breath, Mantras and Meditation. Directing and channelling, harnessing, and controlling Prana, energy, life-force, breath. Artistic Yogic Breathing.  .

Virtual Seated Hatha Yoga Class

Please be seated. Yoga originated from the East, this Ancient Art meets and greets you in a seated Asana (posture) practice. Sitting tall creating strength and space through hips and spine. Sukha and Sthirata, Comfortable and Steady.

Virtual Good morning, Welcome the Sun (Surya) and Salute (Namaskara) to its Presence.

Wakeup and welcome your day with The Ancient Vedic Technique ‘Surya Namaskara’ (Sun Salutations). Breathing through these twelve Asanas (postures, movements), six on the right side Pingala Nadi, six on the left side Ida Nadi, will prepare you for the rest of your day stretching and strengthening you physically and mentally, as you give gratitude to the earth you walk on, and the sun that rises and welcomes you every day. “Short and sweet…in this balancing your body mind breath thirty-minute good morning treat”.

Evolving Choices

Because Yoga is so incredibly vast, this is a random topic practice. Evolving more with a specific theme of Yoga and evolving more with Yourself. With an open Yogic mind, you can be amazed with what you find. This was you then…this is you now. There will be more details on the specifics once bookings open.


E-Yoga Time for You subscription, an electronic PDF format publication.
More, more, more. A pick ‘n’ mix assortment of soul food, “ Time for more yoga… time for more body…time for more mind…time for more breath”. A variety of fun, knowledge, and reflection to read and feed you.

Time for you relaxation CD.
Time for You to “relax…rest…rejuvenate”. A guided time of Meditations and Relaxations to repeat whenever you choose too.