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E -Yoga: Emma’s teaching style has sensitive and therapeutic approach towards Yoga, having personally practiced and studied a variety of Yoga Styles, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques opening to the full experience of Yoga within that frame of self-practice. Emma skilfully brings to life what it feels like to move, to be still, and to breathe, thoughtfully weaving in the essences of Yoga, and anatomy that is offered in a language to give her students a humanistic feeling of being present and centred with themselves under a holistic umbrella of body, mind, breath. Each class Emma teaches has a purpose; a structured lesson plan carefully choreographed to embrace the individual journey of each student

“Love, kindness, and wisdom from our heart is essential for the practice of Yoga celebrating our differences, our boundaries, and our limitations. This too is reflected in life”


A regular Yoga practice is a platform that can give you the fundamentals of self-time, self-care, and self-love. A place where you can define, and nurture You. Tat Twan Asi’ Sanskrit wording which means ‘You are That’

Yoga classes create that space to explore your Yang and Yin energy flow from moving your body, balancing your breathing to the unwinding of your mind. With Yoga’s many avenues and styles there is something for all to explore and experience…You…Your…Yoga.

Why Yoga?

…to read a suggested 108 reasons why people choose to practice Yoga.
There are many more, but 108 is symbolic.

Virtual Yoga Benefits

You are in the safety of your own home
 You are in command of the hygiene of your environment  
 You can establish a place in your home for you to switch off from the outside world
 You can develop that place for self – practice
 You can focus your awareness on your-self, you can be your-self    
 You can wear any relaxing item of clothing you want 
 You can create your own ambiance 
 You can save on membership fees, travel costs, travel time, parking costs plus you are also being environmentally friendly
 You can indulge in as many props as you want without feeling you need more arms transporting them to classes
 When the class has finished you can stay as you are – in that blissful state for as long as you choose too 

Discover and Dissolve You…Your Mat and Your Yoga

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  (Charles Darwin)

Love and Kindness