The world is full of colour every day. Choose a colour. Be mindful of that colour whenever you see it. Pausing, and give yourself three breaths in that colour. Allow your mind to be as colourful as the world around you. Colourful and peaceful.

  • Amelia Wood
    “Emma’s voice is soothing, immersive and provides real clarity. Her lessons are planned to provide a gentle unlacing and unwinding of the body and mind and build upon previous moves within the session.

    She uses language which allows one to focus completely on yourself and her extensive experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology enables her to design a comprehensive session which leaves one lighter, looser and stronger.

    She concludes her sessions with a meditation for which, by then, you will feel completely relaxed for, which is restorative and recharging – something we all need.

    She is a truly special teacher and it’s amazing how her awesomeness comes through to you virtually for you to enjoy and significantly benefit from in your own home.”
  • Tracey
    “I love my yoga but the pandemic changed how I do it. With my virtual yogis, I can still make connections with no added stress …ie transport, child care, work commitments. It’s a click away before Emma’s familiar voice begins the count down. My responsibility is to find a space to put my mat and iPad and breathe. There are several options of yoga on offer. (I do love the yoga yin sessions especially in the evening with the added luxury bonus of being able to stay in position at the end … no rushing off to get home and the best bit … it’s always followed by a good night’s sleep.)”
  • Pam Njawe, Essex, United Kingdom
    “I’ve been doing yoga with Emma for 6 years and it’s been a real joy. My yoga practice has evolved so much and at a pace that suits me. Emma’s teaching style if very inclusive, well-paced and she talks you through the sequences with very clear descriptions and instructions. Emma is very supportive and encouraging of all her students and I often feel like classes are tailored just for me to meet my needs – physically and mentally.

    Initially I attended Emma’s classes face-to-face but since the start of the pandemic, Emma has developed a beautiful set of online sessions via zoom and I find them so much more varied and just as enjoyable as the face-to-face sessions. Plus, I get to do them all in the comfort of my home!

    I have learnt so much about the different aspects of yoga and am still enjoying each new thing I discover. I don’t think the journey would have been the same if I didn’t have Emma as my teacher.”
  • Jackie
    “I’ve been practising yoga with Emma for many years, and more recently using ‘Zoom’, with the advantage of practising from the comfort of home.

    Emma is very professional and explains everything clearly. Her knowledge and kindness shine through.

    I feel energised and relaxed after every session, and I love the spiritual aspect of yoga.

    I especially enjoy and benefit from the meditation, which is bliss.”
  • Montio
    “Emma is a calm, and relaxing yoga teacher. She has a gift for guiding all her students no matter what level they are at, through their practice at a pace which seems individual to each person. Her gentle and well modulated voice provides clear step by step instructions for achieving the asanas while practicing ahimsa or kindness to your self. She is very reassuring and there is never any pressure to perform or compete with other students ‘What feels good is good!’ I love Emma’s class because even though I am very shortsighted, I can take off my glasses and relax into my practice knowing that even if I may not be familiar with any particular posture, Emma’s description is so clear that I can follow it with no anxiety.

    Virtual classes are even more practical with Emma because as she says, her students are in their own beautiful homes and we can relax at the end of the class because we are already at home.

    I can guarantee that if you attend even one class you will be hooked, just like I am. ( I heartily recommend the Yin Hatha Yoga class)”
  • Louise
    “I began practising yoga with Emma 7 years ago and firmly believe that Emma’s wonderful soul and style of teaching are the two main reasons why I fell in love with both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Sadly, I lost touch with Emma a few years ago and, unfathomably, at a time when I needed it most, I gave up yoga completely. However, re-connecting with Emma through her online classes over the past few months has been a total and utter joy!

    Every yoga session with Emma is imbued with the warmth of her spirit coupled with her amazing depth of knowledge. Through Emma’s teaching and guidance, I feel that my own personal yoga journey is progressing daily, whether it is gathering knowledge about our own anatomy, the benefits of the asanas on our bodies and/or minds or even learning (albeit slowly) the Sanskrit terminology!

    Emma has such a calm and soothing aura, even my mad Staffy dog falls under her spell and most of my yoga sessions are accompanied by contented canine snores!

    Namaste Emma, for bringing joy and clarity back into my life through your wonderful classes and for your wisdom, knowledge, patience, kindness and warmth”
  • Ruth
    Emma is an amazing therapist; she connects really well with her clients and that helps her to give excellent first-class service. For over 6 years Emma helped me enjoy the best of my health which is not always easy with MS. I would recommend Emma – should be able to get a regular prescription from GP- would save the NHS a lot of money. Lovely loving Emma.
  • Emma introduced me to her world with baby yoga 10 years ago and I have since experienced her yoga classes (adults) and workshops, Thai Yoga Massage (blissful), Meditation practice and sports massage therapy. The latter has been a life saver as I can trust Emma to get to the root of any pains and problems I have! Namaste xx
  • Emma, you came to my rescue after a bad fall resulting in a very painful shoulder, you fitted me in and mended me, taped me up with your Kinesio Tape which was very supportive! My monthly massage which sometimes painful! Keeps me mobile and free from steroids. Love you to bits Shirley xx
  • I have always believed it and always will- Emma, you have healing hands. You have completely changed my day -to day life and with your genuine care and love, I don’t have to live with constant back pain. Thank you! Five years, and of course with your kind heart, great conversation and positive outlook on life, who would not want to come back! Bianca
  • I was introduced to Emma through a friend, initially for Yoga – not only is Emma an awesome Yoga teacher, but she is hands down the best sports massage therapist I have ever come across. She has spoiled me, and no other massage measures up! She listens carefully, and modifies my treatment, often knowing intuitively how something seemingly connected will help, on top of that Emma is a bubbly and delightful person to know! Thank you for keeping me in working order! Best Nicola x
  • Emma helps to rebalance my body, Emma tunes into my various ailments and works wherever is required. Seeing Emma has become one of my ways of looking after my wellbeing, and I look forward to my sessions. Emma helps to melt aways my stress that I accumulated throughout my body thus allowing me to cope with everyday life. Papinder
  • After seeing various people for my back pains somebody recommended Emma. Thanks to Emma my back is the best it has been for years due to my maintenance visits also found other pains that I would not have thought would have been connected to my back amazing knowledge and skills. Emma is always professional, happy, friendly just great really. Claire xx
  • Emma- well what can I say- she is an all-round therapist healer. She can find bits in one’s body that one never thought there was a problem with, and she sorts it. She will chat and listen and cares. What more can you want or need. Sorts me out physically and mentally. Emma is a rare specimen of a human being who cares. Thanks Emma a total professional. Frances